Our mission

Our mission is to combine wine and nature in harmony!

Certified Organic Vineyards

Tipchenitza Winery is dedicated to preserving the environment and merging it with the art of winemaking. Our mission is to create exquisite wines while simultaneously caring for nature, leaving a better place for future generations. The vineyard cultivation process is entirely organic. We proudly say that the majority of our vineyards are certified as organic. This means that we employ natural methods and do not use pesticides or chemicals that could harm the environment. Committed to ecology and believers in sustainable farming, we create wines that embody the purity and natural essence of nature.

Innovations in Packaging

Tipchenitza Winery strives to reduce the negative impact on the environment not only during the wine production process but also in its packaging. To minimize waste generation, a significant portion of our wine is bottled in kegs and offered through our wine-on-tap systems. In doing so, we not only reduce waste from bottles, corks, labels, and cartons, but also bring freshness and innovation to the way people enjoy wine. Additionally, for our most popular bottled wine series—Tochka and Vratitza—we use lightweight bottles, which not only reduce the weight of the packaging but also minimize waste and the energy required for transportation. The heavier bottles we use for the higher-end Oak Barrel series are fused and repurposed as glass platters for cheese and meats.

Commitment to the Community

Tipchenitza Winery not only cares for the environment but also for the local community. For every bottle sold from the Oak Barrel series, we donate edin lev to the Mayor’s office in Tipchenitsa or to the "Consciousness 1899" Community Center in the village. This is our way of supporting and strengthening the local community and contributing to its development.

The Taste of Local

At our winery, we do more than just produce delicious wines – we also support local producers. In our tasting room, we offer a variety of products from local producers – teas, honey, jams, cheese, and cold meats. This not only reduces harmful transportation emissions but also supports small and medium businesses in our region. The taste of local blends with the taste of our wines, creating an unforgettable experience.

Natural Harmony and Responsibility

Tipchenitza Winery is committed to the idea of blending natural harmony with the exceptional taste of wine. We do not use plastic water bottles or single-use plastic utensils. When you visit us at the winery, you will find that we offer liquid soap, shower gel, and shampoo dispensers in the bathrooms and restrooms. We believe that even the smallest actions can make a significant difference in preserving the planet.

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